Evolve is free during our beta

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per month

✅ Single researcher account

✅ 2 active projects

✅ Export to HTML

❌ Research repository

❌ Collaborator accounts

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per researcher, per month

✅ Multi researcher accounts

✅ 10 active projects

✅ Export to CSV, PPTX & more

✅ Research repository

✅ Collaborator accounts

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Pricing FAQs

Evolve is ready for you to use on real projects but we haven't finished building it. This means that some features aren't ready and you may encounter some bugs. We've released our beta version for free to let you try it while we finish working on it.
You get access to most of our key features so that you can see how awesome it is. We designed it like this so you can get a feel for Evolve without having to worry about your trial ending, making it easier for you to decide whether you’d like to spend money with us or not. You're limited to 2 projects but you can use all product features.
The pro plan allows you to create a team and collaborate on research projects in real time. On our pro plan you can also archive projects you've completed to build a research repository.
While we are in beta all of our plans are free. Once we've finished our beta the pro plan will cost $25 per researcher.
Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Depending on where in your billing cycle you cancel your account may not become inactive until the billing period resets.
Once we're out of beta we will accept all major credit cards.
You will be billed on the same day of each month based on the number of researchers you've chosen to pay for. If you add or remove researchers during the month your next month's bill will include a prorated difference.