A simple, yet powerful research tool

Collaborative note taking, drag and drop affinity mapping and automatic insight reports. Smart features to help you get the basics done faster.



All your data in one place

You can store data from any research your conduct in Evolve. This includes face-to-face indepths, usability tests, diary studies, surveys and more!


Organise notes kanban style

Evolve lets your take notes in kanban style lists for structured note taking in the moment.


Open ended structure

Taking notes in Evolve is open ended so that you can add notes for any kind research like stats, quotes, or observations.


Paste existing notes

Evolve will automatically make separate notes for any data you copy and paste in from a document or spreadsheet.


Drag and drop affinity mapping

Use drag and drop to create digital affinity maps a you search for themes and insights in your data.


Research data traceability

As you synthesise, Evolve keeps track of where the note came from for you automatically , maintaining traceability at any step of the process.


Keep multiple affinity maps

You can make as many affinity maps for a project as you feel is neccessary for your research. No more running out of wall space!


Notes with more than one theme

Unlike Post-it and Sharpie notes, Evolve lets you put a note in as many themes or insights as makes sense during your synthesis.


Turn synthesis into findings

You can use Evolve's findings builder as you synthesise your notes to add findings to your repository, on the fly with linked notes as evidence!


Create a findings repository

The insights repository allow your to organise and share insights you have created. You can create different categories to group your insights into a structure that makes sense to you.


Invite your whole team

Evolve has different levels of team roles so that anyone in the product team can be involved in your research.